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Taste Wine

The Bovlei Building (Previously Bovlei Cellar), serves as the official Wellington Wines taste room. Here, wines can be tasted in a homely atmosphere, where everyone will feel comfortable. Even the younger guests can participate in a "wine tasting" and the venue is wheelchair friendly. While we do not have a restaurant, the wine pairing menu is changed regularly, and platters can be ordered on the side. Sementhas Pancakes, made with a splash of Sauvignon Blanc, can be recommended.

Bookings are recommended for larger groups.

Bovlei Taste Room is a StreetSmart partner.

StreetSmart has been in operation since June 2005. All funds raised in restaurants go to selected and approved organisations than run programs for the normalisation of street and vulnerable children.

The Bovlei Taste Room is the first to participate in the StreetSmart program through wine tastings, by adding a voluntary R5 to the tasting fee.

"Eating and donating at a StreetSmart restaurant is the responsible way to help a street child"

  • A Taste of Wellington

    The W True to Terroir range is wine showcasing Wellington. A wine True to Terrior. Enjoy any 5 wines from this range.

    Choose from:

    • Chenin Blanc | Sauvignon Blanc | Chardonnay | Pinotage | Cabernet Sauvignon | Shiraz | Low Alcohol Pinotage | Low Alcohol Chenin Blanc | Merlot | Moscato

    Cost: R25pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

  • La Cave Tasting

    La Cave is the perfection of time, the ultra Premium Range from Wellington. Meticulous selection from the best vineyard blocks, the range is made in limited volumes ensuring that only the finest quality wines are branded La Cave.

    Taste all 6 wines in the La Cave range:

    Wooded Chenin Blanc | Chardonnay MCC | Pinotage | Shiraz | Cabernet Sauvignon | Cape Blend | Pinot Noir MCC

    A brand that accumulated 46 wine awards in the last 24 months.

    Cost: R45pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

  • Pancake Pairing

    A pairing where tradition meets innovation.

    Try our Pancakes & Wine Pairing, where 4 wines are served with pancakes filled with a taste sensation that brings out the best food and the wine. A pairing without too much fuss, that can easily be repeated by yourself. Filling of the pancakes vary depending on the weather. Booking is recommended

    Cost: R55pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

  • Non-Alcohol Pairing / Kiddies Pairing

    Wellington is known for its people and hospitality. Where everyone is welcome.

    If you will not be enjoying a glass of wine but don't want to feel left out, join in our Non -Alcohol Pairing, where the wines are replaced with juice and Ice tea, produced in Wellington. For the younger guests, we are happy to treat them with a more age appropriate pairing, where the flavours of juice and snacks are released.

    Cost: R45pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

  • The White Monty

    Sauvignon Blanc: 2 different styles (Bovlei & Wellington Wines).

    Chenin Blanc: 4 Different Styles (Bovlei, Wellington Wines Low alcohol and full alcohol, La Cave Wooded).

    Chardonnay: 3 Different Styles (Bovlei, Wellington Wines (both unwooded), La Cave MCC).


    Cost: R100pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

  • The Red Monty

    Pinotage: 5 different Styles (Bovlei, Wellington Wines, Low Alcohol, La Cave, Cape Blend).

    Cabernet Sauvignon: 3 different Styles (Bovlei, Wellington Wines, La Cave).

    Shiraz: 2 different Styles (Wellington Wines & La Cave).

    Cost: R100pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

  • The Full Monty


    Cost: R150pp plus R5 donation to Streetsmart.

The more adventurous can book for cellar tours, and underground tastings in the La Cave “cave”.  

We welcome group bookings (anything between 2 – 50), and provide an alternative to conferences and team building sessions. The fully equiped boardroom can accommodate teams up to 20.

Contact for more information and bookings.